Friday, November 7, 2008

Wings of life

A few days back, I saw my my daughter running behind something.
"What are you upto?"
"I'm trying to catch a butterfly, but am not able to. But papa, can you tell me, why do we don't see lot of butterflies these days? Earlier, they were quite a lot and I managed to catch one of them easily!"

Suddenly I recalled that an article in newspaper said that the number of sparrows in cities have gone down by around 40%! The journey of sensex has become so important for us that we seem to be more reluctant towards issues that may affect our existence. We are breaking barriers, crossing our limits. When nature strikes back, we cry in woe.

Butterflies play an important role in cross-pollination. They maintain the bio-diversity in the plant kingdom. Sparrows play an important role in controlling the population of pests and insects.

But why have they gone? The high amount of pesticides, chemicals, fuel residues (from vehicles) and wave signals of DTH, FM and mobiles interrupt with their normal life. The high noise and pollution is also forcing them to shift from cities. But who cares....

Being delicate and sensitive towards change, they are reacting to it but when will we wake up? Are these factors NOT affecting our lives? The bell is ringing. It is upto us that we wake up or ignore it.