Tuesday, May 26, 2015

वक्र-चक्र गति

तब पंख न थे, पर अरमाँ थे ऊँचा उड़ने के 
अब पंख फक़त हैं, पंखों में परवाज़ नहीं है 

जब सुनता न था कोई, रोम-रोम था चिल्लाता 
अब सब सुनते हैं, पर मुझमें आवाज़ नहीं है 

जब सुर न सधे थे, स्वर-लहरी थी हवाओं में 
अब सुर जो सधे तो, साथ बजे वो साज़ नहीं है 

इक दौर था वो कि कानाफूसी भी करते थे जोरों से  
अब सब कह दें, पर कहने को कोई राज़ नहीं है 

तब लगता था, कि बड़े हुए तो दिन बहुरेंगे 

पर अब लगता है, वैसे दिन तो आज नहीं हैं 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Palm Psalm

   Palms are a common sight in middle eastern countries but what if you happen to spot one right here in Jamshedpur? What would be your reaction? Well, initially I thought that I was daydreaming. A palm? It wasn't here a few days back. How come a tree such big go unnoticed? So, I stopped to have a better look of it.

 A closer look revealed the truth. It was NOT a palm tree. It is a Reliance 4G tower being set up by Reliance Jio. I think it is one of its kind of camouflage tower installed.

  With the leaves and trunk, you will surely mistake it for a palm tree. What else is better fit for a town that is "Clean City, Green City, Steel City".

In fact, many other such towers being set up will double up as high-mast lights. You will notice that the conventional vapour lights are being replaced by LED street lights!

Interesting! Isn't it?