Monday, August 2, 2010


Abhishek Sharma was puzzled. It was on 1st of June, when he got his first posting as the Superintendent of Police, Balbhadrapur. He could still remember the glaze in the eyes of his father. And now, his father lay in bed. To save him meant a costly treatment in US. But how…? Who will help….?...? Numerous questions appeared from nowhere and were floating around his mind. It seemed like he was surrounded in a cloud of mist and smoke; questions appeared like ghosts, made fun of him and disappeared in the mystique.
The call pulled him out of his thoughts.
“People of Shanti-Samiti want to meet you.”
“Send them in.”

The group flocked in and the leader presented the bouquet. “Sir, we are lucky to have you as our police captain. Before you, the law and order of this area was controlled by Sapan’s gang and Sheru’s gang. Both of them have strong political support but you had the courage to put Sapan and his gang behind bars….
Abhishek was not listening now. His mind was busy, playing jigsaw puzzle. It just wanted to put the pieces in their right place. Suddenly, he smiled.
…… sir, we feel safe with you. You are the one we can rely on.” He smiled again.

“So Ojha-jee, you want me to release Sapan. He is not in any Police Station but in jail. It is not possible…AT ANY COST.” Abhishek stressed on the last few words. “Look captain, everything has its cost…” Abhishek smiled again, perhaps a bit sarcastically!
“One million; by evening.”
As soon as Ojha-jee left, Abhishek was busy calling a few numbers.

It was Saturday. The police van was shifting Sapan and his gang to the new jail. This activity was done under direct supervision of the S.P. Ratan Sharma, the local editor of Dainik-Ujala was on the Gypsy with Abhishek. He wanted a few minutes from the police-chief and Abhishek was only able to give him this transit time. As the vehicles moved, so moved on the interview. Speeding through the city crawls, they were now gliding on the highway. The city hustles were being left behind and the three vehicles were passing through a small jungle when, all of a sudden, the Gypsy came to a halt!
“What happened Ramdin?”
“Nothing Sir. A cattle herd is passing by.”
A few moments went in silence. Only the roar of the engine was to be heard!
The sudden sound of bullets were shocking.
“Heads Down” shouted Abhishek. “Jawans, it is an attack. FIRE”

Although resisted by the police, the attackers were able to rescue Sapan and his team. The jawans led by S.P. followed them into the jungle only to find them shot-dead. The entire team started combing-operation and soon came across the Sheru’s gang. The encounter lasted for an hour and was left with all the Sheru’s gang dead and one constable seriously injured. The local press had exclusive “shoot” of this shoot-out and newspapers lay in praise of Abhishek!

Returning from US, Abhishek was happy that he had fulfilled the expectations of his father. He remembered the moment when his father took his hand and pressed it gently when he revived. He could still feel the humidity of the little drop of water shining in his father's eye. Abhishek was happy that he was able to carry out the duties of a son. The killing of two most notorious gangsters along with their gang had saved the credibility of his department. The news that he would be receiving “President’s Gallantry Award” was overwhelming. When he looked out of his car, a board passed by which said: “Credibility is a mix of knowledge and values”. He smiled; a deep sense of satisfaction, sarcasm and optimism went past that smile!